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lecture: Computer-aided knitting with AYAB

How to hack Brother Knitting Machines to be controlled by your computer


The goal of the AYAB project is to provide an alternative way to control the famous Brother KH-9xx knitting machines.

Now what we achieved is that you can just program the knitting machine with an image from your computer.
The control of the needles and needed identification of the current position and movement of the knitting carriage is substituted by a common Arduino microntroller, combined with a custom developed shield. You need to open one part of your knitting machine (warranty is void anyway…) and simply substitute the existing control board with the AYAB controller. Connect the Arduino with your computer and start knitting!


Day: 2014-04-20
Start time: 11:30
Duration: 00:45
Room: Workshopraum
Track: Talk
Language: de



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