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lightning talk: CNC machining for 3D printer users


I'll bring my mobile CNC milling machine and will give an introduction to DIY CNC machining focusing on the differences to 3d printing.

Depending on the audience the lightning talk can be held in English instead of German.

3D printing has become very common and many people are familiar with it. I'd like to introduce these people to the world of subtractive CNC machining and how it differs from the 3D printers they already know.
I will cover:
* differences in accuracy, surface finish, materials
* machine stiffness
* USB vs. parallel port breakout boards (LPT ports are still common for CNC despite all their drawbacks)
* VFD controlled spindles
* collets
* cutter-shapes
* prototyping materials

I may also cover:
* 4th and 5th axis
* casting into machined molds vs. 3D printing
* ballscrew drives and their bearings
* high powered stepper drivers
* DC spindles vs. VFD controlled spindles vs. model-helicopter motors as spindles


Day: 2014-04-20
Start time: 13:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: Degerloch
Track: Workshop



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